Increase comfort and energy savings at your own home with,


These times demand increase solar protection. Home or office, it is all about reducing costs and consumption. Dayton Window Tint deliver energy savings and much more..
Significantly reduce heat and glare, from a cooler and more comfortable interior to reducing glare and the fading of furnishings along with providing our clients an extra line of defense by putting quality window films not only for the safety and security but most importantly to live comfortably in your own home.

TOP 3 benefits of having your residential window tinting

  • Deterrent against break-ins
  • Enhanced security
  • Protection from flying glass in the event of breakage
  • ​Shatter resistant
  • Improve privacy
  • Reduce ultraviolet rays 
  • Reduce glare and hot spots
  • Reduce energy costsa
  • Improve overall appearance
  • Comfort during the summer and winter months
  • Increase longevity of interiors from fading